This is that thick sweet version you get at fast-food joints. Think “Teriyaki Chicken Bowl”.

Only 5 minutes to make and less than 200 calories! Faster than a McDonald’s drive-thru and healthier too.

Nephew Harve sends us a batch of his delicious Pfeffernusse cookies every year. Craving more, and perhaps inspired by our newly acquired dog named Pfeffer, we persuaded Harve to share his recipe so we could try our hand.

An attorney colleague of Carrie’s introduced us to brownies made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
He was constrained from sharing the recipe, but we found this version online. And having made two batches of these delicious brownies, we can vouch for their veracity.

Carrie and I were regulars at the now-closed Killer Shrimp restaurants in Marina Del Rey and Redondo. It was always fun to watch first timers come to grips with the fact that there was nothing on the menu but shrimp.

This is a work in progress but I wanted to post this iteration before I forget what I did.

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This is a quick and easy Jambalaya. Original recipe came from Bon Apetit. This version omits the troublesome vegetable ingredients.

A tangy ground beef chili that takes about 45 minutes to make. This recipe has been certified Asian Tupperware compatible by Charley Ramos.

What a tasty stew! Meat and bread (and little else); Carrie’s favorites! A great cold weather dish.

Another pea delivery medium and an excellent side to go with “Chicken in Butter Sauce”.

Fun to make and delicious hot from the pan.

Soft and garlicky, and easy to make.