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Meet Vala, our second rescue dog.

This is that thick sweet version you get at fast-food joints. Think “Teriyaki Chicken Bowl”.

Only 5 minutes to make and less than 200 calories! Faster than a McDonald’s drive-thru and healthier too.

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An ironing board cabinet re-purposed as the coolest spice rack.

Nephew Harve sends us a batch of his delicious Pfeffernusse cookies every year. Craving more, and perhaps inspired by our newly acquired dog named Pfeffer, we persuaded Harve to share his recipe so we could try our hand.

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Dirty Dog

We have fish that live in a four foot deep pond in the backyard.
We have a dog that lives in the house but plays in the backyard.
Today our dog met the fish.

An attorney colleague of Carrie’s introduced us to brownies made with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.
He was constrained from sharing the recipe, but we found this version online. And having made two batches of these delicious brownies, we can vouch for their veracity.

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Pfeffer 2.0

Neither Carrie nor I had owned a dog in our adult lives, so when we got our first dog it was after much thought, research and preparation. We agreed on a Poodle, preferably female, from a shelter, not a puppy, and white would be nice. Poodles are hypo-allergenic, rarely bark and Carrie really likes their […]

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For years the Cat Head was the center point of our bird feeding efforts.  But when the third version of the cat head finally wore out we opted to replace it with something completely different. Taking its inspiration from the iconic Woodstock bird-on-the-guitar poster, we made an old guitar into this bird feeder. If you […]

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Tina’s and Harve’s efforts have been recognized with Tina being named “Firefighter of the Year” and Harve receiving “Captain of the Year” honors!

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Carrie and Paul enjoy Deep-Fried Minions at the LA County Fair!

Carrie and I were regulars at the now-closed Killer Shrimp restaurants in Marina Del Rey and Redondo. It was always fun to watch first timers come to grips with the fact that there was nothing on the menu but shrimp.