Sometimes the Best D-Fence…
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Realizing what a lift in quality of (yard) life there was when we completed our first replacement of chain-link with privacy fence, we have embarked on the next phase of fence building.

And these pictures tell most of the story. This was the only place in the backyard with no privacy fence. We fixed that this weekend. Pretty dramatic, yes? The first shot shows the old view with new posts and stringers. The second shows the completed fence and new view. Those are cedar boards (from our friend Marshall at Baker Lumber) with “rosewood” stain.

We used a vertical closed louver design that gives great textural variety and visual interest. The old cattle posts that supported the chain-link were replaced with 8’ tubular steel posts that now support both the chain-link on one side and the wood fence on the other. Now that we’ve seen this fence design in real life, we’ve decided to upgrade the remaining fence along the south and west sides with this same style barrier.

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