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I gave Tina grief for not updating her site and here I am posting after a six month lapse.

A couple of articles down you’ll see an article about this lone fence post as a harbinger of things to come.  This is the update.

The fence isn’t complete; it’s lacking a top rail and a gate or two.  And there is a sidewalk destined for the strip along the driveway.  But with the addition of some roses and mulch we felt there has been enough progress in the fence project to warrant our sharing this photo.

New Roses and Fence

The fence is made of cedar that we stained “rosewood”, same as the rest of the new fences we’ve added to the side and back yards.  The posts are metal and set in concrete.

There is a bit of a story on the fence’s design.  Years ago we had settled on an open lattice fence design that was a blend of Asian minimalism and Craftsman spare lines.  But when we got ready to build we realized that our new neighbors’ Chihuahua would be able to step through our fence’s nine inch openings.

So Carrie came up with this new plan that is Chihuahua-proof and evokes the look of the house’s repeating vertical roof-line trim.  Set back from the sidewalk, it gave us room for a flower bed which we have filled with two roses transplanted from the back yard and about a dozen mail-order specimens in a variety of colors that have cooperated by one, not dying and two, actually blooming.

We used Carrie’s CUV and nine thirty gallon trash bags to bring home two scoops, about a cubic yard, of landscaper’s mulch which we used as the finishing touch to fill the bed around the roses.

So, once again stay tuned as we cycle through our project list on our now 88 year old house, and we’ll get back to completing the front yard fence at some time.

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