Doesn’t Everyone Name Their Fish?
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While taking a picture of the new trellis for the article below I snapped this shot of some of our fish in the nearby pond.

Swedish Fish Plus Edgar and Leon

The large white Koi is Edgar named for Edgar Winter for what may be obvious reasons.  The smaller white fish with the orange oblong marking on its head is Leon; named for Leon Russel only because I once saw Edgar Winter and Leon Russel on stage together at a tiny club in the Valley called “FM”.

You can see some of the Swedish Fish: the mostly white one with orange and black spots is Gunnel, named for our Jonkoping landlady, the pale fish, the one with its back to the camera and the indistinct one are the twins,  Mats and Kjell, I’m not sure which is which.  Mats and Kjell, the finless versions, are colleagues from Aneby.

The rest are as yet nameless.

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