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Meet Vala, our second rescue dog.

We had visited the Inland Valley Humane Society a number of times looking for our next dog.

Unfortunately, Vala had been so abused, and was so malnourished she would hide whenever people were walking by her cage. But fortunately, three weeks and five visits later, we caught a glimpse and initiated the process to bring her home.

Not wanting to leave her at the shelter until she could be spayed and chipped, we signed up to foster her, which allowed us to bring her home immediately and complete the adoption process after the holidays.

There were a few surprises.  First Vala weighed a mere 16 pounds; less than Pfeffer in spite of being twice as tall.  Second, it’s amazing what a bath will do.  Vala turned out to be a different color than we thought! The dirt hid the white patches, brown highlights, and her distinctive brindle accents. And third, she was initially so uncomfortable with and suspicious of us and her new surroundings she slept standing up!

Vala is part Italian Greyhound and part Basenji. Now that she has increased her weight by 50%, and has settled in to her new home she expresses her enthusiasm by repeatedly jumping straight up about three times her height.  She has been known to wag her tail so hard that she falls down.  Watching her run is like seeing her shot out of a canon.  Between her Greyhound speed and Basenji muscular chest, she is an extraordinarily fast and determined hunter. Squirrels in the backyard are not safe until they are at least 8 feet up the trees as Vala’s momentum and strength carry her up the vertical tree trunks.

Vala and Pfeffer are now buddies in spite of their disparate temperaments and Pfeffer’s early jealousy.

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