Pfeffer Puts the “Pool” in Poodle
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We have fish that live in a four foot deep pond in the backyard.
We have a dog that lives in the house but plays in the backyard.
Today our dog met the fish.
Carrie and I were in the yard with our dog Pfeffer. I had just fed the fish and Pfeffer was standing on the edge of the pond watching the fish eat and licking up some fish-food debris. We didn’t see what happened next, but we heard a scramble and a splash as Pfeffer fell into the pond. We three were equally surprised.
Pfeffer wasn’t the least bit happy treading water, so I plucked her out as quickly as I could.
Then things got really interesting. Apparently Pfeffer’s preferred method of drying off after a pond plunge is to roll in and rub herself with dirt. Wet poodle plus dirt equals a mud encased dog.
Click here to see the video of Pfeffer rolling in the dirt.
And here are the before and after pictures; before and after Carrie Lynn gave her a bath.

Dirty DogClean Dog

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